Andrew Carlson (151), races his PRO 2 class truck during Round 7 at Bark River International Raceway on July 15, 2017. Photographer: Brian Nevins, courtesy Torc sERIES


October 17, 2017

Historic Bark River International Raceway is home to 42 years of off-road racing history, and is 2017’s fourth stop on TORC: The Off-Road Championship Series’ calendar. Featuring countless opportunities to pass and the circuit’s largest jump, anything can happen on the loopy, wide-open course. For some of TORC’s Young Guns, Bark River presents an opportunity to turn a season around. For others, it’s the ultimate chance to prove themselves at the birthplace of their passion for racing.

Brothers Cody and Kyle Kleiman know this dirt as well as anyone, having grown up just a few miles away from the hallowed track. The community of Upper Michigan fans supporting their PONSSE-backed hometown heroes could be the boost the drives need, but could just as easily elevate the pressure to insurmountable levels. Kyle reigns atop the standings, but Cody’s confidence is rising as he continues his quest for a first career win. Who will get the better of their brother in front of droves of friends and family?

Luke Johnson (14), races the PRO 2 class during Round 8 at Bark River International Raceway on July 16, 2017. Photographer: Brian Nevins, courtesy Torc Series

PRO 2 rookie Luke Johnson’s championship hopes have been dealt a massive blow. After standing on top of the podium in Chicago, disaster struck at ERX Motor Park in the form of a tie rod-breaking concrete barrier meet-and-greet. The gremlins followed Johnson to Crandon, and veteran Brad Lovell has rode two straight wins to a hefty championship points lead. Johnson has put his game face on in his return to a Bark River track that has treated him well since his early teenage racing days. Can Johnson turn the tables on Brad Lovell at the TORC Series’ fourth stop?

Don’t answer too quick. Andrew Carlson’s name appeared on the Bark River entry list days before the event, adding an ultimate wild card to the dynamic PRO 2 deck. One might expect that a driver’s first PRO 2 event would be relatively low-key, as he learns the truck and ropes of a new class of competition. But Carlson has a special formula of resources, connections, and talent that just might lead him straight to competitiveness. Tune in to find out what aces Carlson Motorsports has up their sleeve for their PRO 2 debut.

Andrew Carlson (151) in PRO2WD class in race of the 2017 TORC Series at Bark River on July 15, 2017. Photographer: MRoth, courtesy TORC Series.

Battles will be waged, hometown crowds will be thrilled, and a fierce rivalry between Luke Johnson and Andrew Carlson will be renewed in a new class. It all goes down in the next episode of TORC Young Guns brought to you by AMSOIL: a cinematic documentary series providing an intimate perspective of the highs and lows of the 2017 TORC season through the eyes of its rising stars. Follow the dramatic storylines of the 2017 season as they unfold, and don’t miss a single episode of Young Guns, airing bi-weekly on Wednesdays. Catch the third installment on October 18th at 7PM CT, broadcasting live on and on the TORC YouTube and Facebook pages.

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