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Hoek Rumbles to a Podium Finish at Red Bud

August 21, 2017

 Holland, MI (August 18, 2017) – Ross Hoek and the #10 Ross Hoek Motorsports Auto Trans Design, Shop Vac, Maxxis Tires, PRO-4×4 continued its string of competitive performances at last weekend’s TORC event in Buchanan, Michigan. Not even an engine replacement could slow down Ross and his team as the “Silver Bullet” PRO-4×4 would land on the podium for the first time in 2017.

The all-new Red Bud TORC Short-Course track was quick and technical as drivers had to pay attention not only to their fellow competitors, but the ever changing track conditions. The combination of high flying jumps and drop offs along with a variety of corner race conditions from deep sand to flat and slick, really entertained the sizable crowd at Red Bud MX.

The Friday practice sessions and the quick Saturday Shakedown laps saw the #10 make progressively quicker laps every time on the track. Afterwards a quick inspection found metal shavings in the engine oil. In order to prevent major engine damage and a definite DNF (did not finish) for Round 9, the RHM crew quickly went to work removing and then replacing the engine. In a matter of a few short hours, the #10 Ross Hoek Motorsports Auto Trans Design Shop Vac Maxxis Tire PRO-4×4 was ready to rumble at Red Bud.

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The start of Saturday’s round 10 saw Hoek lined up on the pole for the land rush start. The short run to the first corner was not as treacherous as Crandon, but still everyone wondered how the field of 900 horsepower trucks would fit through the very narrow first turn.

When the green flag was waved, Ross used the ATD automatic transmission to his advantage to reach the corner in first place. Ross led the way through the first few turns but fell to fifth throughout the first couple laps. Undaunted Hoek went to work and gradually worked his way back to third place by lap seven of the eleven lap race. At finish Ross Hoek celebrated with friends and family as the veteran driver stood on the third step of the podium.

Quickly the team grabbed dinner and began preparing the race truck for Sunday’s main event.

Sunday’s land rush definitely saw more aggression from all the drivers right from the drop of the green flag allowing Hoek to pull a significant lead up the back hill on the first lap. Ross lost a couple spots in the next few laps but throughout much of the race Hoek seemed to be door to door with Scott Douglas. As the laps wound down the battle continued as Ross Hoek finished in fifth place.

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“Hats off to my guys,” remarked Ross Hoek. “Early on before the actual race we were working on suspension setups. Then suddenly it was all hands on deck getting the engine replaced before Saturday’s race. Not only did the team get the job done, we were standing on the podium at the end of the day. Thanks again to Aaron for a great set of Maxxis Tires and Charlie and Michael from ATD. The automatic transmission was an advantage in this sandy soil. This track is really tough on equipment and we’re happy with Sunday’s result as the truck was running 100% at the checkered flag.   This was our track, our race to win (or loose) as the truck is performing better than ever, but I need more seat time. That is our next focus in developing our program!”

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Next race is September 2-3 in Crandon, Wisconsin. Remember if you can’t get to see a TORC event live, each weekend will be streamed live at torcseries.com

Ross Hoek Motorsports thanks the following companies for their support:

Automatic Transmission Design, Trailready Wheels,

Shop-Vac, Motive Gear, Goodwin Competition,

Allstar Performance, REM Chemicals, Invisible Glass   To contact Ross Hoek please send inquiries to: ross@rosshoek.com