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Hoek is One “Bad Mo Fo”

July 6, 2017

Hoek is One “Bad Mo Fo”

Holland, Mich. (June 30, 2017) – The 2017 story line improves for Ross Hoek as the #10 Auto Trans Design Maxxis Tire PRO 4×4 continues to show substantial improvements at the race track! The true potential of the “Silver Bullet” was very apparent during both rounds of racing at the TORC Series Big House Brawl in Crandon, Wisconsin.

After the last round of racing in Minnesota, Ross Hoek mentioned a new Goodwin Competition powerplant with an additional one hundred horsepower would be pushing the Auto Trans Design Turbo 400 transmission to turn all four Maxxis tires during the weekend at the “Big House.” The first practice session saw that added horsepower create a couple of handling issues for the West Michigan resident. Quickly the Ross Hoek Motorsports team made the suspension adjustments and sent truck back out for another practice session.  The second five lap practice saw the silver hot rod really come to life and the team knew their leader and driver would be quite pleased with the added weekend investment.

Saturday’s Round 5 would begin with the #10 Auto Trans Design Maxxis Tire PRO 4×4 getting an incredible launch at the land rush start to decisively lead the field out of Potawatomi Turn One. In fact, Hoek would lead the first four laps! As the nine lap race moved forward, the top teams in the class would eventually fight their way into the top spots, but Hoek remained strong to finish a well-deserved fourth place. In fact Ross Hoek’s performance was so impressive, the team was awarded the first ever Vision Wheels “Bad Mo Fo” Award!

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Overnight Jason and Jerry went to work checking the truck and preparing for Sunday’s Round 6.

The next morning Ross lined up the “Silver Bullet” for another land rush start. When the starter’s tower went green, Hoek won the holeshot again! By lap two, the big budget teams were beginning to race their way to the front. The #10 Auto Trans Design Maxxis Tire PRO 4×4 was down on power after half way due to a lost spark plug wire but Ross pressed on to the finish, salvaging a sixth place.

The final PRO race of the weekend was the Forest County Potawatomi Chairman Community Cup Heavy Metal Challenge. The ten-lap all out sprint race would have a stout field of PRO-2WD and PRO-4×4 trucks competing for over $25,000. Once again Hoek was near the front of the pack exiting Turn One, but the opening lap would see the weekend early due to hard contact.

“We finally have the entire package,” remarked Ross Hoek. “Over the winter Greaves helped us update the rear suspension on his former Hot Rod, and now with the right engine and chassis set-up it really is quick and easier to drive.  I know I have to step up my game and drive to the ability of the truck and we look forward to the opportunity to get some more seat time so we can continue to improve our race results.  Again I have to thank Johnny Greaves for all the help with truck, Goodwin Competition for a building a great engine, Charlie and Michael at ATD for the great transmission, Maxxis Tire and Trailready Wheels. Hey I won the first ever “Bad Mo Fo” award! Now that was pretty cool.”

Next race is July 15-16 in Bark River, Michigan. Remember if you can’t get to see a TORC event live, each weekend will be streamed live at torcseries.com. Ross Hoek Motorsports thanks the following companies for their support:

Automatic Transmission Design, Trailready Wheels,

Shop-Vac, Motive Gear, Goodwin Competition,

Allstar Performance, REM Chemicals, Invisible Glass   To contact Ross Hoek please send inquiries to: ross@rosshoek.com

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