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Fraley Wins at Bark River Keeps Pace with Points Leader

July 24, 2017

Fraley Wins at Bark River Keeps Pace with Points Leader

Bruce Fraley was almost perfect during the TORC Series’ “Throw Down in the UP” held last weekend at Bark River International Off-Road Raceway. The two podium finishes over the weekend kept the Las Vegas resident within striking distance of the current points leader. With six rounds still left in the season, the title is up for grabs.

Bruce Fraley is one of the most consist drivers in the TORC series. The veteran racer of both desert and short-course racing is really fun to watch. Somehow he finds the right line to take and when the track changes, Bruce seems to do the same just at the right time. The two rounds of racing at Bark River he seemed to tackle the changing track conditions quite well. Throughout the first half of the season, Tony Keepers is a driver that has a well set-up race car and similar driving skills. Bruce Fraley and Tony Keepers have traded the top two spots on the podium every round except for the opener and Rounds 7 and 8 were no different.

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The start of Saturday’s Round 7 race saw Bruce Fraley starting alongside current points leader in the third row. With the green flag flying the two racers quickly worked their way to the front. During the entire eight lap race, Fraley stayed right on the exhaust pipe of the leader looking for a clean way around the leader. A very wet track contributed to the struggle to get by the leader as visibility and the lack of traction was an issue during the entire race. At the finish, Bruce Fraley finished the race covered in mud in second place.

At the Sunday morning drivers meeting the track officials publicly apologized to the 1600 Buggy racers for the over watered conditions of the track during their race.

The start of Round 8 had the top eleven finishers inverted putting Fraley in row five of the starting grid. When the green flag was waved, the bright yellow and silver buggy began carving through the race traffic. By the halfway competition caution, Fraley was positioned right behind the leader. On the restart, Bruce attacked the leader and on lap six while going through the Cemetery Turn took the lead and the victory.

“This win was a must,” remarked Bruce Fraley. “Tony and I keep swapping the top two spots and he’s got me by a bit for the points lead, but we aren’t giving up. I have to thank my supporters especially my wife, Larry and Gloria Hammond for giving me a place to stay back here, FAT Performance for a great motor, Dave Folts for solid transmission, Freeman’s Carpet Service, Shawn Morris and all his great pit people, and thanks to Bark River for an awesome facility.”

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The next stop on the TORC Series tour is the Rumble at Red Bud on August 12-13 at Red Bud MX in Buchanan, Michigan.

Remember if you can’t get to see a TORC event in person, each weekend will be streamed live at torcseries.com .

After five rounds of racing, Bruce Fraley is second overall in the TORC 1600 Buggy Championship.

Bruce Fraley would like thank his partners including:

Fraley’s Performance Eng, Larry and Gloria Hammond, EPI Powder Coating. Howe Performance, Shawn Morris, FAT Performance, Dave Folts Transmissions, Freeman Carpet Service, Kartek Off Road and BFGoodrich Tires.

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