7 Podium Finishes in 2017 PRO Light Championship
2009 TORC PRO Buggy Champion
2009 PRO Buggy World Champion (Crandon)
2014 TORC PRO Light World Champion (Crandon)


Shawn Morris grew up watching heroes like Ivan Stewart and Walker Evans racing offTroad and knew that one day, he’d be the one behind the wheel. While serving in the Marines after high school, Morris became a mechanic and eventually opened his own business in Loveland, CO. He started out driving the sand dunes of Colorado with his family, and launched his career in the early 2000s, racing locally in a 1600 buggy.

When the drive for more competition struck, he built a Pro Buggy, and won the national title and the World Championship. From there, he moved into the PRO Light division and he has been chasing his next title ever since. He says he plans to make the move into the next class in the TORC ladder, PRO 2WD – but not until he has the championship. “I don’t want to leave a class until I know I’m the best.”

He earned his breakthrough class win at Fall Crandon in the final race of the season in 2014 and continues to battle for the PRO Light title in 2016.


Nickname: Lepreshawn

Favorite Venue: Bark River

Truck Body Style: Chevrolet

2017 Season

5th: PRO Light Championship

7-PRO Light Podium Finishes

2016 Season

6th: PRO Light Championship

4-PRO Light Podium Finishes
1st Place PRO Light Round 8 at Elk River

2015 Season

4th: PRO Light Championship

4 Podium Finishes

2014 Season

6th: PRO Light Championship

2 Podium Finishes
1 Win

2013 Season

6th: PRO Light Championship

2 Podium Finishes

2012 Season

8th: PRO Light Championship

2 Podium Finishes

2011 Season

9th: PRO Light Championship

1 Podium Finish

2010 Season

10th: PRO Light Championship