1st: PRO MOD UTV 2016 Round 8 - Twin Cities Takedown at ERX
3 2016 PRO MOD UTV Podium Finishes


"I started racing my 1988 Jeep Cherokee at rock races in 2010. I built a full tube buggy to rock race in 2011 and went to Crandon with it in 2013. That was my hook into TORC racing. I sold the buggy in the fall of 2015 to build a UTV for the 2016 season. I made the switch to short course racing because I love racing on the groomed tracks with big jumps. I'm excited about the 2017 season because it will allow us to start to really refine our UTVs. As of now, they are built based on what we knew about woods and desert racing. Now we get to start to play with the fine tuning, weight bias, tires, etc. My passion is building and racing cars, this is what I love to do."


"I love wheel to wheel, heads up racing. Committing to high-speed corners and huge jumps are all my favorite part. The intensity is crazy and the thrill of the win is unbeatable."

Favorite Venue: Crandon

2016 Season

3rd: PRO Mod UTV Championship