Erik is 21 years old, from Oshkosh Wisconsin and has been a lifelong fan of short course off road racing. He is currently pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree from Lake Superior State University and has strong interests in robotics/automation, rapid prototyping, and anything outdoors. After spending years on his collegiate SAE Mini Baja team and working for a sportsman super truck team it was time for Erik to start his own program. Schwartz Off Road Motorsportz is excited to start their rookie season in the Pro Mod UTV class. Backed by numerous industry-leading businesses and a great team of friends and family Erik is prepared to race for a championship in 2017.


Favorite Venue: Bark River

Rookie Season: "Fueled by a passion for motorsports at a young age Erik prepares for his debut season in the Pro Mod UTV Class within TORC. With friends and family by his side and a love for competition Schwartz Off Road Motorsportz is excited for their rookie season. "