CJ Greaves Makes Last-Lap Pass To Win Greaves’ Toyota Guel at Crandon

September 11, 2017

PLANO, Texas (September 2, 2017) – CJ Greaves made a dramatic last-lap pass for the lead on his father, Johnny Greaves, to win Saturday’s TORC “Keys to the Big House” at Crandon International Off-Road Raceway in Crandon, Wisconsin. The victory is the sixth in PRO 4 competition this season for Greaves’ Mutant Soda Monster Energy Toyota Tundra.

Johnny Greaves went right to the lead as the green flag flew over the muddy track, while CJ was battling for third on lap two before getting caught up in another driver’s spin that eventually dropped him back to fifth.

While the action was hot and heavy behind him, Johnny steadily pulled away from the field as his Tundra excelled in the muddy conditions.  He took a comfortable lead into the mid-race competition caution while CJ was able to gain one position to enter the yellow in fourth-place.

Johnny Greaves in the PRO 4 at the 2017 TORC Series in Crandon on September 2, 2017. Photographer: MRoth, courtesy TORC Series.

On the restart, Johnny Greaves once again checked out as a three-way battle for second waged behind him.  Toward the end of lap five, CJ made his move passing Ross Hoek and Scott Douglas to move into second heading into lap six. At that point, Johnny proceeded to extend his lead to more than five seconds. Yet, as the laps ticked off, the track began to dry and CJ proceeded to begin to reel in his father.

Heading into the final lap, CJ had closed to within 1.1 seconds of the lead. Finally, with just four turns remaining, CJ made his move, diving underneath through the gravel pit with Johnny fighting to protect his lead.  The two Toyotas made contact with each beginning to spin.  Johnny went into the mud, while CJ dove underneath to take the lead heading into the final two turns on the way to the victory, with Johnny recovering for second. The result mirrored the spring race at Crandon where Johnny won as the roles were reversed.

“I wasn’t giving an inch and he wasn’t giving me an inch,” said the triumphant CJ Greaves. “I got caught up with Chad Hord early and came to the caution in fourth.  I knew I was going to have my work cut out for me. Coming into that last lap, I was thinking about spring Crandon going ‘hmm, I remember this happening once, just the other way around.’ I was underneath him in the gravel pit and we collided and we both started to spin and he got way out in the mud.   It was a great race. We kept charging until the end. I couldn’t do it without all the guys from Toyota. They put phenomenal engines in both of these Tundras.”

Johnny Greaves (22) races the PRO 4 Class during Round 11 of the 2017 TORC Series at Crandon International Off-Road Speedway in Crandon, WI on September 10, 2017. Photographer: BNevins, courtesy TORC Series.

After leading eight of the nine laps, Johnny Greaves would earn his 11th consecutive PRO 4 podium finish.

“I guess I had that one coming from CJ,” relayed Johnny Greaves. “I set up my rear tires for a muddy track and it paid off in the beginning, but as soon as that blew off I had nothing left. No excuses. He ran me down and passed me. That’s how I raised him.”

Sunday’s action at Crandon will consist of all non-points events with the Crandon Pro 4 World Championship race and the eighth annual Amsoil Cup Challenge wrapping up the weekend. CJ Greaves will take a two-point championship lead over Johnny into the final weekend of the season at the ERX Motor Park in Elk River, Minn., September 22-24.

CJ Greaves (33) races the PRO 4 class in Round 6 of the 2017 TORC Series at the Crandon International Off-Road Raceway in Crandon, WI on June 25, 2017. Photographer: BNevins, courtesy TORC Series.

2017 Toyota TORC: The Off-Road Championship PRO 4 Results 

Race Site / J.Greaves CJ Greaves

  • May 13 Chicago, IL 2nd 1st
  • May 14 Chicago, IL 1st 3rd
  • June 10 Minneapolis, MN 2nd 1st
  • June 11 Minneapolis, MN PPD Rain PPD Rain
  • June 24 Crandon, WI 2nd 1st
  • June 25 Crandon, WI 1st 4th
  • June 25 *Potawatomi Cup – Crandon 1st 2nd
  • July 15 Bark River, MI 1st 2nd
  • July 16 Bark River, MI 1st 1st
  • August 12 Buchanan, MI 2nd 4th
  • August 13 Buchanan, MI 3rd 1st
  • September 2 Crandon, WI 2nd 1st
  • *September 3 Crandon, WI
  • September 22 Minneapolis, MN
  • September 23 Minneapolis, MN
  • September 24 Minneapolis, MN

*Non-points paying race