July 6, 2017

Racing Helps PRO Mod UTV Driver Live the Sober Life

Brad Seavers is “living the dream,” and wants you to live yours too. The good-natured, passionate driver competes in the PRO Mod UTV category under the Bikeman Performance tent. Spend a moment with Brad at the track and you’ll quickly see he loves every minute of what he does. But he had to come a long way to get here, and now he’s sharing his story in hopes of helping others with similar struggles.

Brad had an unfortunate childhood defined by alcohol use of those around him. He remembers the fear of watching his parents fight and his father going into a “drunken rage.”

“By the age of 16 I fell into a state of anger and tried to cope through the use of drugs and alcohol.” Brad explains. “The substance abuse made my state of anger feel good in a peaceful kind of way. It was easier to live in anger then it was to live in fear.”

After struggling to turn a corner on his own between the ages of 18 and 20, Brad made a decision that changed his life. On March 11th, 1991, he checked himself into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. From there, Brad turned to a unique combination of a twelve-step recovery program and racing to help him move forward.

“My first year sober I couldn’t seem to stay focused on the task at hand…staying sober.” Brad recalls. “With a love for motorcycles, I soon found myself purchasing a 1989 Suzuki RM 125. Shortly after, I signed up for a motorcycle ice oval race. That first race left me with two things…a first place finish and an addiction I didn’t have to overcome, Now, the camaraderie of racing is what helps me stay clean and sober every single day.”  

Recently, at the encouragement of a friend, Brad decided to share his story of racing and recovery with the world.

“It was very hard for me to publish, but I did it for a lot of reasons. I think people need to understand why racing means so much to me in so many different ways.”

Brad’s story resonated with many race fans, reaching more than 40,000 in just a few short days on social media. The interest is encouraging to Brad who feels some might be interested as to how they can incorporating racing as positive influence on their own personal road to recovery.

“There’s many ways to get involved,” said Brad. “Start by helping out a team…offer to do the jobs that no one else wants to do…be an asset to them. You’ll be amazed at how far you can go with that. But always put your sobriety and recovery first. Once you get those taken care of, you can finally start living the life that you always dreamed of.”

Brad Seavers welcomes contact from those looking to end addiction and make positive changes in their life. Visit his website or email him at Follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for race updates and positive encouragement. Be sure to follow along TORC Series PRO Mod UTV action and look for the #880 as he races for recovery and guns for the front. At the track, you can find Brad Seavers under the bright red Bikeman Performance tent.  



Andrew Pfluger is a longtime race fan and writer for the TORC Series. To offer feedback or make suggestions for future content, please email