Brad Lovell Ready for New Competition in PRO 2

May 12, 2017

Former PRO Light Champion now the veteran of his class

Blasting right out of the foothills of the Colorado Rockies, Brad Lovell has parlayed an early passion for rock crawling into being one of the most recognizable drivers on the TORC Series circuit. A King of Hammers Legends class champion, 2012 Dirt Sports “Driver of the Year,” multi-time SCORE Baja class champion and DIRT RIOT Mountain Series overall champion, Lovell, along with his brother Roger, have enjoyed great success in the world of off-road powersports.


Lovell acknowledges that many of the stars of TORC get their start racing dirt bikes, but the former engineer tells a different tale.  “It was completely different for us.  We grew up in Colorado, near the mountains.  My brother and I challenged ourselves on rocks and trails, and about the time we graduated college, rock crawling was flourishing as a sport. We couldn’t resist, so I took my daily driver and turned it into a competition rock crawler.”  The brothers found success right out of the box, and through hard work and some luck, Lovell has successfully turned his passion into an incredibly respected racing career.

Brad Lovell stands in for a portrait at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Charlotte, NC on August 20, 2016

Round 10 in Bark River on July 31, 2016

Lovell had been chomping at the bit for several years to get into short course racing.  He developed a strong partnership with Amsoil, and in 2010 the opportunity arose to get behind the wheel of a PRO Light.  It only took 3 seasons for Lovell to achieve the classes’ highest honor, as the team took home the PRO Light championship in 2012.  Year after year, Brad returns to the TORC Series for his most intense racing action.

“We’ve done all kinds of racing; desert, hill climbs, rock racing, Ultra 4. But I don’t think anything matches the utter intensity of TORC short course racing. In other sports you can ease up, let off the throttle—in TORC there’s none of that.”

Brad Lovell now leads one of the TORC series’ most established PRO 2 teams. This year, he is joined by a wave of new drivers moving up from the other short course racing classes, on the heels of TORC’s efforts to make PRO 2 more affordable.  Lovell is excited about the new competition in the class, and is confident in the parity the new rules will provide.  

Brad Lovell races his Amsoil truck during PRO 2WD class at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in Charlotte, NC on August 19, 2016

“I feel so much enthusiasm for where the PRO 2 class is going.  I’m really excited about all new new faces in the class.  One thing I’m committed to doing is starting this class off with great quality sportsmanship.  These guys have had a great time racing in the sportsman division. Now they have an opportunity to step up and get more media and win more money, but that also comes with a challenge.  We all have the same goal out there, and that’s to have some great racing, great parity, good battles, and try to come out on top.”

With the wave of friends and past competitors joining the field, Brad has had to make an effort to shut out distractions over the offseason.  “I’ve been trying to keep tabs on who’s running in PRO 2 and what’s going on, and on the other hand I’m trying to keep my head down and just worry about what we’re trying to do.”

One thing’s for certain: When the green flag drops this weekend at the Chicagoland Slam, Brad Lovell will have to be very concerned with who’s who on the track in the PRO 2 class.  You won’t want to miss this all-out-brawl on the dirt – get your tickets now for the Chicagoland Slam!