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RoundUp in Texas

2016 RoundUp in Texas I – Round 1 Media Assets

2016 RoundUp in Texas II – Round 2 Media Assets

Chicagoland Slam

2016 Chicagoland Slam I – Round 3 Media Assets

2016 Chicagoland Slam II – Round 4 Media Assets

Big House Brawl

2016 Big House Brawl I – Round 5 Media Assets

2016 Big House Brawl II – Round 6 Media Assets

Twin Cities Takedown

2016 Twin Cities Takedown I – Round 7 Media Assets

2016 Twin Cities Takedown II – Round 7 Media Assets

Throwdown in the U.P.

2016 Throwdown in the U.P. – Round 9 Media Assets

2016 Throwdown in the U.P. – Round 10 Media Assets

Showdown in Charlotte

2016 Showdown in Charlotte – Round 11 Media Assets

2016 Showdown in Charlotte – Round 12 Media Assets

Keys to the Big House

2016 Keys to the Big House – Round 13 Media Assets